In March 2016, the European     Commission will release a two-week information campaign on Facebook. The campaign objectives to elevate interest across the coming near near “European Consumer Day” (10 March 2016) and the “World Consumer Rights Day” (15 March 2016).

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date: 19/02/2016

The initiative represents the closing pastime foreseen via the two-years long Consumer Rights Awareness Campaign, which has been prolonged until the give up of March. The marketing campaign focuses on five key rights and obligations stemming from EU purchaser law for buyers and consumers and highlights concrete moves that citizens can take when experiencing issues Thursday 17 March 2016

Consumers ought to be aware about their rights under EU law so we can use them every day, whilst shopping online or at the high avenue. That’s why the European Commission has organised a marketing campaign informing residents in their rights below EU consumer regulation and pointing them to the right places in which they could get recommendation and assist in case of questions or issues.

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